Frond Island

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Frond Island
ヤシ島 Yashi Island
Frond Island
Region Decolore Islands
Debut Mystery on a Deserted Island!

Frond Island (Japanese: ヤシ島 Yashi Island) is the eleventh island Ash and his friends visited during their travels on the Decolore Islands.

Their ship docked at Frond Island, but the group rented a boat and spent most of their time on the Deserted Island, which was said to be filled with treasure.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 椰子島 Yèhjí Dóu
Mandarin 椰子島 Yēzǐ Dǎo
20px Finnish Lehväsaari
20px Italian Isola delle Fronde
20px Polish Liściasta Wyspa

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